Baby Education With Bubbles


Turn your mobile phone and devices into an early English academy. Try it Now!

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Every parents must support their kids learning activities at home. Baby Education With Bubbles is an improved education game. This game is the best learning activity for your children education. Your toddlers and kids will learn many things with this bubbles while having fun. The best way of teaching English is teaching with games. Your kids can learn English with this game easily. This game will be first English lesson of your preschool children. This game is your English academy in your home.

The game has got four levels;

The first level of the game is teaching numbers from zero to ten. The second level of the game is teaching shapes (Star, circle, triangle, oval, footprint, hexagon, square, rectangle, pentagon, hearth and diamond). The third level is teaching alphabet from A to Z and the fourth level is teaching colors (black, red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, brown, orange, white and dark blue)

Just touch and pop the bubbles, that’s all. Playing this game is very easy. A lot of funny balloons comes and fly up in the sky, While you are popping the balloons your toddler will learn a lot of English words easily.

Have Fun…

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